Private Minibus and Coach Hire

Private Minibus and Coach Hire - Macclesfield Minibus

Our private minibus and coach hire is an excellent choice for any group wishing to travel easily around Macclesfield. We have a qualified and friendly Macclesfield Minibus team, ensuring that you always feel that you are in good hands. Whenever you need assistance with airport transfers, graduations, or hen nights, we will be there for you.

Comfortable Travel

Avoid the stress of public transportation with our spacious coaches. Each coach is fitted with multiple amenities to ensure that you remain relaxed for the duration of your trip. With our experts at the wheel, you can watch movies or listen to music as you head to a picnic or meeting.

Each seat can be adjusted to meet the needs of the members of your group. With larger groups, kitchens are provided in the rear of the bus, so that you can easily fix snacks or enjoy a drink on the way to your hotel or the beach. We can pick you up at any location that is convenient for you, so you save time. Book your trip in minutes using our easy website.

Safe Drivers

All of our drivers are fully trained, ensuring that you get the best from every Macclesfield Minibus that you hire. Our fleet is fully maintained, and each coach is equipped with the latest navigational tools, ensuring that drivers receive quick and helpful updates on traffic throughout the city.

Flexible Trips

Let us take you to the airport or on tours of the city. If you are not sure of the options that would best match the requirements of your group, speak to one of our trained customer service agents today. They can answer all of your queries, ensuring that you look forward to a relaxing day of shopping at the Treacle Market.


Contact Details

4 Weston Square, Macclesfield, SK11 8SS

01625 347002

Mon to Sun :24 hours