Services - Macclesfield Minibus

At Macclesfield minibus hire we are well known for being a great company. We have a good reputation with customers around the country, and that is largely down to the following criteria.

Comfortable vehicles

All our vehicles are comfortable with all the amenities you need for a good journey. This includes air conditioning, ergonomic seating, an entertainment system and more.

Professional drivers

All our drivers are fully qualified and are friendly, always aiming to give you the best experience possible. They also know the area of Macclesfield really well, so you can get where you need to be without having to worry about getting lost.


All of our vehicles at Macclesfield minibus hire are under 6 years old, and they are checked regularly by the best mechanics to ensure they are safe to travel in.


We are very cost effective and will always offer you the best price possible for your needs. This does depend on mileage, however, so the closest you are to Macclesfield, the cheaper your quote will be.