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No matter what your reason for being in Macclesfield, here at Macclesfield minibus hire we can provide you with a high-quality vehicle that gets you from A to B comfortably. We have been going strong for 11 years, and during that time, we have had many satisfied customers from all over the country. You might be wondering what makes us better than similar companies in the area and this basically includes the following reasons.

Comfortable vehicles

We have a wide range of vehicles to choose from, all of which are comfortable and with a range of amenities to make your journey awesome. This includes air conditioning, plenty of space for your luggage and more. We have standard vehicles and executive vehicles if you want something a little more special.

See the town

Macclesfield is a really nice little town with lots to see and do. Hiring a minibus complete with the driver means that you do not have to worry about transport, you can just sit back and enjoy the ride. It really takes some of the stress away from your trip.

Travel safely

All of our vehicles are between 2-6 years old, depending on availability at the time of booking. They are also checked regularly by the best mechanics in the area, and we can ensure they are safe to travel in. Our drivers are fully trained and qualified too.


The services at Macclesfield minibus hire are affordable for all different budgets. Obviously, the price will vary depending on mileage, but we aim to be as reasonable as possible. Book early to save even more money on your booking. You can get in touch with us now for a quote, and we will take things from there.


Contact Details

4 Weston Square, Macclesfield, SK11 8SS

01625 347002

Mon to Sun :24 hours