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Macclesfield Minibus


When it comes to organizing a trip or excursion for a large group of people, one of the most difficult aspects of logistics to organize is transportation. This is especially true if you don't have easy access to a bus or minibus. This is where Macclesfield Minibus hire comes in. Our core business is the affordable rental of a wide range of coaches  and minibuses to our Macclesfield clients in need of mass transportation solutions. coach hire Macclesfield vehicles come in 33 to 49 seaters so you would not be disppoinment for luagagge space and festivals .

About Macclesfield Minibus

Macclesfield Minibus started as a small, family-owned, minibus rental company. During our humble beginnings, we had a very modest 'fleet' of three minibuses, and we largely covered the Macclesfield area. The reason for our founding was the inconvenience that most local clients faced when looking for a reliable minibus hire company.

As a company that was founded on the principles of customer service, our defining philosophy was honesty, reliability, and professionalism. We ensured that all our vehicles were maintained in good working condition to avoid inconveniencing our clients. We were very upfront with the fees we charge; there are no hidden fees. Most importantly, we ensure that we meet all the obligations we agree upon with our clients.

These are still the principles that guide how we do business today. When we give you our word, we ensure that we honour it.

Our Services

As a minibus rental company, our core service is minibus rentals. We maintain a fleet of minibuses and buses which our clients can book in advance and then come collect their vehicle(s) on the agreed upon pickup date.

While our core business has remained somewhat similar over the past two decades, we have kept with the times to ensure that the booking and payment process is as hassle-free as possible. For one, you don't have to visit any of our physical locations for the booking and payment processes. You can call us on our hotlines, or visit our web portal to find out the vehicles that are available on your preferred date. You can also make your payment via credit card or through reputable online payment platforms.

Another key service that we offer is our chauffeur service. You have an option of driving your minibus or requesting for one of our trained professional drivers. Our chauffeurs are well trained to handle our buses and will keep you, and the rest of your travelling party, safe during the entirety of your trip. They are also familiar with the larger Macclesfield area and give you useful suggestions on how to plan your itinerary.

Our Fleet

We have an impressive fleet of more than 20 minibuses, buses and party buses for our clients to choose from. These range from 8-seater minibuses all the way up to 72-seater buses. We have also ensured that we buy our vehicles from reputable manufacturers such as Mercedes Benz and Volkswagen. Not only do they have a better safety track record, but they are also more reliable regarding the avoidance of breakdowns during your trip.we offer the best in coach hire in macclesfield with all the large vehicles.

Macclesfield Town

Macclesfield is a town that is located in the Cheshire region within the central section of the UK. The town has two historical nicknames, the first of which is 'silk town', a nickname it got due to being the centre of the British silk manufacturing industry for centuries. It is also commonly referred to as 'treacle town' due to a well-documented accident involving a carriage full of treacle which saw its streets filled with treacle for weeks.

While the silk business has died off, the town remains an affluent centre of business and culture. It has numerous landmarks that outline its historical heritage, and it is home to numerous profitable businesses that form the foundation of its economy. Whether you are in Macclesfield for business or pleasure, you will always find something interesting to do.

Things to do in Macclesfield town

When you are visiting Macclesfield town, Macclesfield Minibusses wants you to have a pleasant experience. When you hire one of our vehicles, there are numerous activities that you can enjoy within the larger Macclesfield region. Some of the more popular attractions for our clients include:

  1. Visit the Macclesfield Forest

If you are a fan of pristine natural spaces, then you should make a point of visiting the Macclesfield forest. It is a good place for you, and your tour groups, to take a small hike, have a picnic, or just spend a while with your thoughts meditating in nature.

  1. Check out Tegg's Nose Country Park

The Tegg's Nose Country Park is a conservation area within Macclesfield that is perfect for nature walks bird watching and hiking. In summer and spring months you will find a colourful environment full of exotic flowers.

  1. Visit the historic silk mills and the silk museum

As a town known for silk production, Macclesfield once had up to 80 active silk mills at the height of the industrial revolution. Currently, there are only four mills which mainly work to showcase the town's heritage. The most popular of these are the Hovis mill and paradise mill. You can visit them to learn about 'ancient' silk production and check out the silk museum as well. With most of them being operational, Macclesfield is one of the few places in the world where you can see traditional silk-making methods.

  1. Visit the historical landmarks

Macclesfield is rich in historical landmarks, especially magnificent cathedrals. Some of the historical landmarks you can enjoy include, Capesthorne Hall, Adlington Hall, St. Peters church, St Michaels and All Angels' Church, St. James the great church and St Albans RC church. Not only are these sites rich in historical heritage, but they also have an impressive architecture that is pleasant to look at.

  1. Restaurant and Nightlife

Once you enjoy what the town has to offer in terms natural and historical attractions, you can enjoy a meal, or while the night away, in one of the dozens of restaurants and nightclubs that are located within Macclesfield.

You can enjoy all these attractions, and many more, when you hire a vehicle from Macclesfield Minibus.

Why Choose Macclesfield Minibus?

Mcclesfield Minibus Hire is the perfect transportation solution for your group travel needs in Macclesfield and the surrounding areas. With competitive prices and free quotes, we offer a range of vehicles to suit your requirements, from the Ford Transit to the Iveco and Mercedes luxury travel options. Our reliable and friendly drivers ensure that your group travels in comfort and style, whether you choose our standard or cheap minibus hire services.including coahc hire service in macclesfield

We offer a range of services to cater for all types of group travel, including 8 and 16 seater coach hire options. Our reliable service is second to none, ensuring that your journey is smooth and hassle-free from start to finish.

If you're looking for transportation in Macclesfield, we're the perfect choice. We cover all the postcodes in the area, including SK10, SK11, SK12 and SK23.

When it comes to accommodation in Macclesfield, there are plenty of options to choose from. Here are our top 5 hotels in the area:

  • The Bridge Hotel and Restaurant
  • Hollin Hall Hotel
  • Shrigley Hall Hotel, Golf & Country Club
  • Mottram Hall
  • The Tytherington Club
  • As for things to do in Macclesfield, here are our top five recommendations:
  • Visit the Silk Museum
  • Explore Macclesfield Forest
  • Take a walk in Tegg's Nose Country Park
  • Visit the Jodrell Bank Observatory
  • Check out the Macclesfield Canal

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